What is TA-65®

In 1961 Leonard Hayflick discovered that our cells have a genetic limit (the “Hayflick Limit”) to the amount of replications they can go through before they die, which amounts to a maximum of 120 years of life for any human. What that means is that even under perfect conditions, humans will live to only 120 years old. This is because the Telomeres (which are the end caps of the chromosomes) get shorter and shorter each time the cell divides until there is not enough genetic material left for the cell to function normally so it enters a crisis mode and usually dies. Normally there is no way to repair or elongate the Telomeres.

In 1985 Carol Greider & Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn discovered the Telomerase Enzyme which actually elongates and repairs the Telomeres.

In 1994 & 1997 Dr. Bill Andrews and his team (working for GERON Corp) made 2 amazing discoveries, they found the genetic codes within the DNA which activate the Telomerase enzyme.  Once telomerase is activated in human cells in a petri dish they no longer have ANY genetic limit and the cells become IMMORTAL! They can still be killed by crushing them or poisoning them, but they have unlimited replicative capability. The GERON Corp patented this discovery, plus many others related & some of those patents apply toward TA-65® (A True Telomerase Activator), however its own patent has not yet been issued.

The discovery of the Telomerase was so important and historical that Dr. Blackburn & Greider were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2009. 

More importantly for us, TA-65® is a True Telomerase Activator which stimulates the enzyme to begin repairing the telomeres in cells immediately. The shorter the telomere, the more Telomerase is activated, which means the cells that need it the most get it first. So if there are immune problems, the immune system gets repaired, if there is vision problems, the vision is repaired, etc., then everything else gets worked on as well.  

Human Telomeres can be measured (within the White Blood Cells) before and after the TA-65® treatment, to see what improvements have been made.  This is how GERON Corp. tested TA-65® for efficacy & also safety.  GERON Corp. turned over all of its research to TA Sciences which now has all the data has been compiled (under “Human Trials”) on their website www.TASciences.com I highly encourage you to read this information.

So what is TA-65®? It is a single molecule from the Astragalus Root, extracted and purified to >95%.  This molecule is not present in every root and there are approximately 2,000 active properties in Astragalus Root. In order to get enough of this one single molecule, 6,000lbs of Astragalus must be used to make each batch!  In order to take the equivalent of this in actual Astragalus Root you would have to take 15,044 capsules per day, for a full year! There is no other product in the world that does what TA-65® does.  

So why is it so important to take TA-65®?  When we’re conceived we have approx. 15,000 base pairs of DNA on our Telomeres.  During gestation (when we’re in the womb) we use 5,000 base pairs during development, leaving 10,000 base pairs when we’re born.  Over the course of a normal healthy humans life, another 5,000 base pairs will be used during normal cellular division (healing & aging). At the time of death there are about 5,000 base pairs left, however this is not enough genetic material for the cells to remain healthy, otherwise we wouldn’t grow old and die.  A normal healthy person uses between 30-50 base pairs per year they are alive. TA-65® has been proven to add approx. 400 base pairs per year that it is taken, which would add enough genetic material to extend the lifespan by approx. 8 years.  So hypothetically, if TA-65® were taken for 10 years straight it could possibly add 80 additional years to the genetic lifespan.

But being alive longer than others isn’t helpful at all, if the quality of life is poor, so why would I want to live longer?  No one wants to live longer if they’re not healthy and vibrant, so I encourage you to look up the Telomere Science Library www.telomerescience.com there are enormous amounts of information/studies on how short Telomeres are linked to cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, osteo/rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, atherosclerosis, cancer, immune system failure, osteoporosis, poor sexual function, poor skin quality, Alzheimer’s/Dementia & the list goes on & on! So by lengthening your telomeres you may be preventing untold health problems, not to mention aging.  Feeling like your 30 when your 50 is great, but feeling like your 50 when your 80 is better! The older the person is when they begin taking TA-65® the more dramatic the results are.  So there is no age limit to the effectiveness of TA-65®, nor is there any limit to the applications of the product, healthy or unhealthy, if you’re alive and want better quality of life unlike anything else, you need TA-65®! 

TA-65® is the only Telomerase Activator approved by the FDA for human consumption; however it has not been approved as a Drug.  The FDA has not approved the above statements and TA-65® does not claim to Treat, Cure or Prevent any specific Disease via its mechanism on telomere length or any other mechanism.  Any health improvements made by TA-65® are based on statistically proven clinical results which are:

  1. A decline in the number of senescent CD-8 lymphocytes
  2. A reversal of the normally seen age-dependent increase in natural killer cells.  Both of the above indicate “strengthening” of the immune system.
  3. Improvements in total and LDL cholesterol
  4. Significant plasma Homocysteine levels
  5. A drop in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  6. Functional improvements in cognitive behavior-verbal memory and shifting attention
  7. Statistically significant improvements in Bone Mineral Density in males and a trend towards the same in females

There has never been a single reported side effect in any person taking TA-65®.  No reports of toxicity. 5 years of development and safety testing before introducing TA-65® to the commercial market. Not a single diagnosis of new cancer while any patient has been taking TA-65®. Not a single report of increased cancer load for clients who already had cancer.

Every time your body has had to heal itself from injuries, chemical/radiation exposures or chronic infections (or disease) the telomeres (end caps of DNA material) are shortened until the cells in the affected tissues can no longer function and they die.  This leaves less and less healthy cells and leads to a degenerative condition.  The more repair work that the body does, the less genetic material that remains. This affects the genetic lifespan of the cells, organ, body system, etc. Never before have we been able to buy time. Never before could we directly affect the DNA the way we can now!

Increase your DNA’s lifespan! Take TA-65®

(505) 821-9609           or          AHCTherapies.com


The information above has in part been taken from TA Sciences Education Manual which is not available to the public.  We feel like this information is important to you as the customer, so that you understand the complexity of the science that goes into this incredible product.  Nothing in life is guaranteed, to be sure of your own personal results with TA-65® your telomeres must be measured before and after taking the product for a minimum of 1 full year.


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