Metabolic VO2 Max Testing

Have you ever wondered if you have a slow metabolism?  We have new FDA approved equipment that measures your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).   Once we have tested your metabolism we can design a dietary plan which will nourish your body and cause true weight loss by burning pure fat. We can design a workout plan that is based on your heart rate.  Most clients that I have started on these plans are surprised because they don’t have to work extremely hard, but what they don’t realize is that their body stops burning fat after the heart rate gets too high.  So by testing your body specifically you’ll know exactly what heart rate you need to stay at to burn pure fat! Never again do you have to wonder if your metabolism is slow, preventing you from losing weight. 

            Have you ever wanted to know how healthy your heart and lungs really are?  Our equipment is used for Sub-Maximal (and VO2 Max Testing) VO2 & CO2 testing.  What does that mean? You breathe into a mask which is connected to specialized equipment and wear a chest strap to measure your heart rate. We measure  the amount of gases (Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide) being inhaled compared to the amount of Oxygen and CO2 which is being exhaled.  This is very important because the more Oxygen that gets into the cells the less you will exhale.  When this measurement is performed it can be used to determine the Mitochondrial activity within each cell. The mitochondria produce Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP), the chemical name for energy. The more Oxygen used, the more ATP produced within the cell, the more energy we have.  So this is a great test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it also indicates what can help to solve the problem. 

            Most cardiac arrhythmia occurs while the heart is under stress during normal physical activity, not while it’s at rest.  The Heart and Lung test takes between 6-20min and is done while you are physically active either walking, jogging, running, even cycling.  This test is based on your current level of fitness and requires only for you to do what you are comfortable doing.  We have tested people between the ages of 12-60 years old, both healthy and unhealthy, people with Cancer, Arthritis, Lyme’s Disease, Fibromyalgia and many more conditions.  It’s important to know how much Oxygen is getting into the cells, because Oxygen heals the body and stimulates the immune system.  This test is very different from the SPO2 meter that your Doctor puts on your finger to check your Oxygen level.  That test only measures the oxygen level in the blood, not what’s actually being used by the cells, which is much more important.

            We have also began using this equipment to test our MRFH Solutions to see which solutions work the best to improve the health and function of the Cardiovascular/Pulmonary systems.  We are measuring the effect of Oxygen/Ozone Therapy, Supplements, Homeopathics and IV Therapies to see what each therapy does to improve the body the most. We can test your body to see which therapies or supplements help your Heart/Lungs so you can have the strongest body possible. This testing is done Mon-Fri 10-5pm, there are specific instructions which you will need to follow before the tests.


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