Is Candida Related to Multiple Chemical Sensitivities?

So many people today have an allergic reaction to chemical’s which they are exposed to.  Some people react violently to bleach, detergents, perfumes, shampoos or any of the other 2000 chemicals which can easily be found in the products purchased for hygiene purposes.  Chemical sensitivities can be caused by several factors, one of which could be fungal infections.  The body will sometimes allow Candida in, to use as a storage unit for chemicals or heavy metals or any number of harmful synthetics which could harm the body if not contained.  Most people will begin to notice sensitivity to a chemical when their body no longer has storage space, the liver can no longer handle the overload, the immune system can’t keep up with the burden it has to process.  What can be done?  By killing the Candida, detoxifying the liver and boosting the immune system, the body has the help it’s needed for years!!!  Candida can produce some terrible die off effects which are sometimes worse than the infection itself, however by using our new anti-Candida program the die off occurs so quickly, it doesn’t have a chance to produce the die off symptoms.  When alive, Candida releases chemicals which go to the brain to cause us to crave the sugars it needs to feed on, using the body parasitically.  These chemicals slow our Liver and Kidney function.  When it dies it also releases chemicals which need to be neutralized quickly to prevent side effects.

            The symptoms of Candida infections include:  Abdominal gas, headaches, migraines, excessive fatigue, cravings for alcohol, anxiety, vaginitis, rectal itching, cravings for sweets, inability to think clearly or concentrate, hyperactivity, mood swings, diarrhea, constipation, skin itching, acne, eczema, depression, sinus inflammation, pre-menstrual syndrome, dizziness, poor memory, persistent cough, earaches, low sex drive, muscle weakness, irritability, learning difficulties, sensitivity to fragrances and/or other chemicals, cognitive impairment, thrush, athletes foot, sore throat, indigestion, acid reflux and hot flashes.

Once the fungal infection is gone, the immune system is boosted; the body no longer over reacts to the chemicals which we are constantly exposed to.  The liver can process them and excrete them before they cause the body harm, it no longer needs to store them! Our anti-Candida programs are very well rounded programs which consist of Live Blood Analysis to monitor your progress, Oxygen/Ozone therapy to boost the immune, nutritional supplementation to support your body, emotional therapy, as well as a very specific micro-nutrient formula.  Every anti-Candida program is overseen by our medical director Dr. Janet Greene M.D.  The programs must be done according to the Doctors orders, usually requiring 5-12 (depending on severity of infection) weeks of intense therapy.          

It is difficult to describe the effects of this therapy along with all the benefits because they differ so much. Some of the effects are systemic alkalization, immune system boosting and systemic detoxification, basically everything that alternative healthcare specialists have been telling us to do for years.  Patients are feeling great sometimes after just 2-3 treatments! At Alternative Health Concepts we have this new therapy that is blowing away Candida infections like never before, within days positive changes can be seen by the recipient of the therapy.  Candida die off is usually terrible, however with this new therapy, Candida dies off very fast and we neutralize the chemicals with oxygen/ozone therapy.  This anti-Candida therapy has been studied for 25 years.  Due to the level of success over that 25 year period of time, we can see that there is hope!!!

                     Christopher has been awarded the 2004 National Leadership Award.  Christopher is a member of the IOA (International Ozone Association) and a student member of ACAM (American College for the Advancement in Medicine). Christopher is NOT a Medical Doctor, he is a Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist, Herbalist, Oxygen/Ozone Technician, Live Cell Morphologist, Phlebotomist, IV Technician & Homotoxicologist.  Christopher has taught several classes including self-muscle testing, muscle balancing & classes on colon hydrotherapy.  To schedule an appointment with Christopher call (505) 821-9609 or go online



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