The Importance of Hormones

                                                 By: Natalie Hall, CWK

There are many different types of hormones that help to regulate the body.  They affect almost every bodily process.  There are hormones for absorbing calcium, inflammatory response, sleep, releasing glucose, the release of pancreatic enzymes, production of T-cells and so on.  The proper amount of hormones in the body, regulate the entire endocrine system.  The endocrine system is a vast system consisting of many different organs and glands.  When there is a deficiency of one hormone or too much of another, it gradually over time throws off the balance, thus causing different types of symptoms.

Some of the symptoms that you may be experiencing are:

Inability to lose Weight even though you may be exercising and eating right, Allergies/Sensitivities,  Chemical Sensitivities,  Gastro-intestinal problems,  Digestive problems, Poor Assimilation of Vitamins and/or Minerals,  Mood Swings,  Infertility,  Painful menstrual cramps,  Hot Flashes/Night Sweats, Anemia,  Always feel hungry and never feel a sense of being full, Reduced Stamina or Motivation, Depression or Sleep problems.

            There are approximately 1, 953 different types of hormones in the body.  Some of which are secreted from the glands and others are released inside of the cells.  There are many different reasons for Hormone imbalance within the body.  Some of which include a deficiency of enzymes, amino acids, peptides, neuropeptides or proteins.  Much of the food that we consume now such as beef, chicken, cow’s milk, eggs, etc. contain many different types of hormones, steroids or antibiotics.  When we consume these products it causes some hormones to become high (example: estrogen or testosterone) and others may become low, creating an imbalance.  Even the vegetables and fruits we consume can be full of pesticides and chemicals.  In some instances pesticides can even mimic certain hormones in the body.  When we have accumulated enough of these in the tissues of our bodies it will start to affect the entire body negatively.  Loss of hormonal balance in the body can lead to illness

            At Alternative Health Concepts we have a long list of therapies as well as a wonderful screening tool (Live Cell Analysis) which can help to determine if you’re assimilating the foods and supplements you eat.  We also provide Oxygen/Ozone therapy which can help to detox the tissues of the body as well as boost the immune system.  Hydrogen Peroxide is a hormone transmitter naturally produced in your body, Oxygen/Ozone when put into the body combine with the water in the blood to produce small amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide.  This works to not only to transmit the hormones better, it also cleans the cells making them healthier. Sometimes when a hormone panel is done and it comes back as “normal” the hormones may actually be normal, there may not be enough hormone transmitters present to get them into the cells.  This is where oxygen/ozone treatments will become very helpful, taking in hormones which would not be able to penetrate cells on their own.  We also use different types of homeopathics which help to regulate the endocrine system.  They work by sending small vibrations to the glands or cells telling them to produce more of the missing or low hormone.  This can be tested through Kinesiology to see which hormones might be high or low.  Then through muscle-testing it can be determined whether your body might need a homeopathic or herbal remedy to help balance the hormones.   

Natalie Hall is a Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist, Herbalist, Oxygen/Ozone Technician, GeoTran practitioner and Homotoxicologist.  Natalie is also currently working on her Naturopathic Doctorate.  Natalie has taught several self muscle-testing classes.  Natalie and her husband Christopher own Alternative Health Concepts and work toward helping people to feel their best and maintain the highest quality of life.  Natalie enjoys seeing children and adults in her practice.  To schedule an appointment call (505) 821-9609 or go online http://www.AHCTherapies.com.   


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