Why is Cancer so Prevalent? 

The majority of patients we see have cancer or have had it in the past. They come from all walks of life, income levels & educational backgrounds. Some of them have fantastic diets, exercise regularly make wise lifestyle choices, others have abused their body to the breaking point. The fact remains the same, they are now fighting a terrible battle. 

Some of the patients develop cancers that are caused by Viral infections such as HPV (Human Papaloma Virus) or EBV (Epstein Barr Virus). Infact 12% of all cancers (colorectal, lung, cervical and lymphatic) are now known to because of viruses. Fungal infections (candida) are also connected to quite a few cases of cancer. That number may rise as scientists gain a better understanding of specific cancer cell types/genetics.  

Some patients develop cancer from exposure to chemicals, Heavy Metals (toxic elements) and solvents. Most have worked in a field where they have routine trace amounts of exposure for years and because they body can’t always expel the toxin, cells begin to change to an unhealthy state. 

A significant number of women in our practice have either breast cancer that has metastasized to other organs such as the bones, liver, lungs, brain, etc. Most are estrogen or progesterone positive tumors, which essentially means that the cancer cells thrive on the hormones. These seem to be more treatable forms of cancer than what’s called a triple negative, meaning the cancer growth is not fueled by hormonal components but more specific types of amino acids. Triple negative breast cancer patients have a tougher path ahead of them. Let’s not forget BRCA1 or 2 (BReast CAncer) carriers who have a genetic predisposition to aggressive cancer growth. 

We also see a fair number of women in the 50-70 years old range with small cell lung cancer. This group we seem to find have not smoked but may have had some chemical exposure in the past. There are also the males in the same age group with prostate cancer. 

A much smaller group we see are patients with brain cancer or pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, the patients with these rapidly progressive forms of cancer are late to diagnose and are the most difficult for oncologists to treat. 

That brings me to my point… anything and everything it seems causes cancer. Obviously that’s not a true statement but sometimes that’s the way it feels. It’s emptionally difficult to work with patients especially those in late stage. Some of them we get extremely close to and care deeply for them. That final walk down the path to the end is never easy and never forgotten. 

Oncologists do their best to treat the disease while we do our best to support the patient. We provide intravenous (IV) nutritional and hydration therapy. We also help by preparing them for surgery with Micronutrient IV’s containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids. After their procedure we follow up with a few more IV’s and sometimes we use our Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber to enhance healing. 

Their physicians see the difference in their quality of life, their ability to withstand infection & their recovery after surgery is dramatically better. That’s why the majority of Doctors who refer to use are in fact surgeons.  When one of the top surgeons in the state sends their own mother in for IV’s before her surgery it says a lot!

We love what we do and we hate their reason we do it – Disease Sucks! The patients are what matters, their need to have better quality of life is a powerful driving force behind our success. My staff really care about people and want to offer the best possible care. Beyond that we bond with the patients, their families and friends. They become an extended family so to speak. 

For more information about our services and how we can help yourself or someone you love visit our website https://goo.gl/VGDqai


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