Water Intake

On a daily basis we see 20-25 people in the clinic, more than 80% are not drinking enough water each day. Most people get in a hurry and don’t want to be bothered by having to drink so much because then they are stuck in the bathroom all day. Granted, in the beginning, yes your body will freak out from the increase in H2O and most will not really be absorbed but instead flushed through the kidneys and down the drain. However, after a week or so, your body will begin to absorb fresh water into areas where it’s held cellular wastes. It will be able to adjust to this new routine and low and behold it will begin to work better than expected. 

You see, the cells in our skin, muscles & organs need water to function. They need to be able to breakdown carbohydrates for energy, that takes water. They need to be able to flush out waste materials & not only that, those wastes need to be carried out of the body. We don’t dump our trash in the front yard of our home for obvious hygiene issues, our cells don’t want their waste sitting right outside either. Your body needs water, not just a little, A LOT of water!! 

I look at patients veins all day long at the clinic. Normally, I scan every square inch of their arms before I start their infusion, looking for the best vein I can possible find.  I can’t describe how many times I have to say the same thing over and over “you need to drink more water”.  There are some patients who obviously can’t drink enough because of their illness or medications & in which case, they have a valid reason to be dehydrated. Your average patient, nope no good reason not to be drinking a MINIMUM of 3 quarts of water each day. 

The argument that water doesn’t taste good won’t work as an excuse. There are probably 20 combinations of fruit that can be put into water to flavor it. One of my favorite flavoring additives is frozen organic blueberries in a quart jar filled with purified water. The water turns purple and tastes cool, refreshing and delicious! Some people prefer cucumber & lime or peppermint & lemon.  Here are some ideas https://recipehealthyfood.com/14-beautiful-fruit-infused-waters-to-drink-instead-of-soda/

Do yourself a favor, do your cells a favor, have several glasses of water. Go pee 15 times a day, who cares?? It’s only 2 minutes in the bathroom anyway. 

To learn more about my clinic & the therapies we offer click here https://goo.gl/VGDqai


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