Ultraviolet Blood Therapy

It’s no secret that UV light has the ability to kill the toughest bacteria, viruses, mold & fungi. In fact hospitals all over the country are installing UV lamps or robotic devices that sterilize operating rooms & hospital/clinic exam rooms.  

So what is UV Blood Therapy? It’s quite a process but I’ll do my best to explain. An IV butterfly needle is inserted into a vein & a special IV line is attached. This IV line has a 8 inch portion that’s made of quartz glass that will allow the UV light to penetrate through the blood. Blood is draw out of the patient, through the line into a Syringe or Glass bottle. As the blood leaves the body it runs through the machine (1st exposure) and then into an anticoagulant as well as ozonized Saline. This keeps the body from becoming too thick to push back into the patient. 

Once the blood moves through the machine & when the syringe or glass bottle is full, the blood is then pushed/dripped back through the machine (2nd exposure) into the patient. The whole process takes between 10-40min depending on how much blood is exposed to the UV light.

There are several key factors in the choice of materials used for their treatment. Some clinics simply drain 250ml of blood into a plastic IV bag w/250ml of saline & Heparin, hang the bag up, inject Ozone gas into it and then as it’s being infused it runs through the UV light giving only a single exposure to the light. Plastic IV bags are made from a different type of plastic than syringes are. Ozone gas has the ability to breakdown plastics & when this happens in an IV bag those plastic particles then go into the patients. We only use glass for Ozone gas IV drips. As far as the syringes are concerned, Ozone dissolved in saline doesn’t breakdown this type of plastic for a lot longer and the blood doesn’t stay in the syringe long enough to become tainted with plastic. 

The Germans have been using Ozone Therapy since the mid 1900’s they have far more experience & that’s why I traveled to Europe to learn from the best, Dr Velio Bocci MD. Hemotologist & Respiratory Disease specialist at Sienna University, he was the best teacher I could’ve ever learned from. He would always caution Doctors on Ozone degrading plastics & subsequent poisoning of the patient. Here in the USA there are very well known Doctors who believe that the Ozone doesn’t degrade the IV bag and they teach that it’s ok to do the treatment this way…I believe the Europeans.

There are multiple benefits to UVB therapy. First is an anti inflammatory effect, the immune system decreases the production of Interleukins 17 & 23.  These are key inflammatory immune fractions that are high in several autoimmune diseases. Another benefit is that when the blood goes through the UV light it becomes sterile. Any viruses, bacteria, mold or fungus is destroyed or at least a significant quantity of them are. Then when they are pushed back into the body they are found by the immune cells and antibody production can begin helping to fight the infection on a systemic level. This is why our technique of double UV exposure is so important. 

Her are some pictures: 

To learn more about the therapies we offer visit our website https://goo.gl/VGDqai


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