Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy combined with Vitamin IV Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy HBOT is an amazing way to drive Oxygen deeply into the body. Oxygenated plasma is driven so deep that it’s able to penetrate the bones and stimulate the marrow. This creates up to 6 times more stem cells and it helps to mobilize them.

Vitamin IV therapy has quickly become widely known, mostly for chronic illnesses. Vitamin C IV’s have been used during cancer treatment for over 40 years. Getting nutrients directly into the blood is far more effective than by mouth. Always look for infusion clinics that offer high potency IV’s. High potency is always more therapeutic and more bang for your money.

The combination of both therapies packs and amazingly powerful punch! HBOT drives the oxygenated plasma in the blood 3 times deeper into the bones and cells. When the vitamin IV is done right before the HBOT, the plasma will carry the IV nutrients 3 times deeper as well. Get more from each of your treatments by combining them.

Experience matters when getting these treatments. We are an infusion clinic that has a long history of successfully creating treatment plans to suite the specific needs of our patients. Once you experience our services and professional staff, you’ll know why we have been helping patients since 2001.

Our IV’s are prepared daily in a sterile HEPA filtered Laminar Flow Hood. This ensures the cleanest environment possible when preparing the solutions that will be infused directly into your veins.

For more information about who we are and the services we provide visit our Website

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Why is Cancer so Prevalent? 

The majority of patients we see have cancer or have had it in the past. They come from all walks of life, income levels & educational backgrounds. Some of them have fantastic diets, exercise regularly make wise lifestyle choices, others have abused their body to the breaking point. The fact remains the same, they are now fighting a terrible battle. 

Some of the patients develop cancers that are caused by Viral infections such as HPV (Human Papaloma Virus) or EBV (Epstein Barr Virus). Infact 12% of all cancers (colorectal, lung, cervical and lymphatic) are now known to because of viruses. Fungal infections (candida) are also connected to quite a few cases of cancer. That number may rise as scientists gain a better understanding of specific cancer cell types/genetics.  

Some patients develop cancer from exposure to chemicals, Heavy Metals (toxic elements) and solvents. Most have worked in a field where they have routine trace amounts of exposure for years and because they body can’t always expel the toxin, cells begin to change to an unhealthy state. 

A significant number of women in our practice have either breast cancer that has metastasized to other organs such as the bones, liver, lungs, brain, etc. Most are estrogen or progesterone positive tumors, which essentially means that the cancer cells thrive on the hormones. These seem to be more treatable forms of cancer than what’s called a triple negative, meaning the cancer growth is not fueled by hormonal components but more specific types of amino acids. Triple negative breast cancer patients have a tougher path ahead of them. Let’s not forget BRCA1 or 2 (BReast CAncer) carriers who have a genetic predisposition to aggressive cancer growth. 

We also see a fair number of women in the 50-70 years old range with small cell lung cancer. This group we seem to find have not smoked but may have had some chemical exposure in the past. There are also the males in the same age group with prostate cancer. 

A much smaller group we see are patients with brain cancer or pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, the patients with these rapidly progressive forms of cancer are late to diagnose and are the most difficult for oncologists to treat. 

That brings me to my point… anything and everything it seems causes cancer. Obviously that’s not a true statement but sometimes that’s the way it feels. It’s emptionally difficult to work with patients especially those in late stage. Some of them we get extremely close to and care deeply for them. That final walk down the path to the end is never easy and never forgotten. 

Oncologists do their best to treat the disease while we do our best to support the patient. We provide intravenous (IV) nutritional and hydration therapy. We also help by preparing them for surgery with Micronutrient IV’s containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids. After their procedure we follow up with a few more IV’s and sometimes we use our Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber to enhance healing. 

Their physicians see the difference in their quality of life, their ability to withstand infection & their recovery after surgery is dramatically better. That’s why the majority of Doctors who refer to use are in fact surgeons.  When one of the top surgeons in the state sends their own mother in for IV’s before her surgery it says a lot!

We love what we do and we hate their reason we do it – Disease Sucks! The patients are what matters, their need to have better quality of life is a powerful driving force behind our success. My staff really care about people and want to offer the best possible care. Beyond that we bond with the patients, their families and friends. They become an extended family so to speak. 

For more information about our services and how we can help yourself or someone you love visit our website https://goo.gl/VGDqai

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Water Intake

On a daily basis we see 20-25 people in the clinic, more than 80% are not drinking enough water each day. Most people get in a hurry and don’t want to be bothered by having to drink so much because then they are stuck in the bathroom all day. Granted, in the beginning, yes your body will freak out from the increase in H2O and most will not really be absorbed but instead flushed through the kidneys and down the drain. However, after a week or so, your body will begin to absorb fresh water into areas where it’s held cellular wastes. It will be able to adjust to this new routine and low and behold it will begin to work better than expected. 

You see, the cells in our skin, muscles & organs need water to function. They need to be able to breakdown carbohydrates for energy, that takes water. They need to be able to flush out waste materials & not only that, those wastes need to be carried out of the body. We don’t dump our trash in the front yard of our home for obvious hygiene issues, our cells don’t want their waste sitting right outside either. Your body needs water, not just a little, A LOT of water!! 

I look at patients veins all day long at the clinic. Normally, I scan every square inch of their arms before I start their infusion, looking for the best vein I can possible find.  I can’t describe how many times I have to say the same thing over and over “you need to drink more water”.  There are some patients who obviously can’t drink enough because of their illness or medications & in which case, they have a valid reason to be dehydrated. Your average patient, nope no good reason not to be drinking a MINIMUM of 3 quarts of water each day. 

The argument that water doesn’t taste good won’t work as an excuse. There are probably 20 combinations of fruit that can be put into water to flavor it. One of my favorite flavoring additives is frozen organic blueberries in a quart jar filled with purified water. The water turns purple and tastes cool, refreshing and delicious! Some people prefer cucumber & lime or peppermint & lemon.  Here are some ideas https://recipehealthyfood.com/14-beautiful-fruit-infused-waters-to-drink-instead-of-soda/

Do yourself a favor, do your cells a favor, have several glasses of water. Go pee 15 times a day, who cares?? It’s only 2 minutes in the bathroom anyway. 

To learn more about my clinic & the therapies we offer click here https://goo.gl/VGDqai

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Ultraviolet Blood Therapy

It’s no secret that UV light has the ability to kill the toughest bacteria, viruses, mold & fungi. In fact hospitals all over the country are installing UV lamps or robotic devices that sterilize operating rooms & hospital/clinic exam rooms.  

So what is UV Blood Therapy? It’s quite a process but I’ll do my best to explain. An IV butterfly needle is inserted into a vein & a special IV line is attached. This IV line has a 8 inch portion that’s made of quartz glass that will allow the UV light to penetrate through the blood. Blood is draw out of the patient, through the line into a Syringe or Glass bottle. As the blood leaves the body it runs through the machine (1st exposure) and then into an anticoagulant as well as ozonized Saline. This keeps the body from becoming too thick to push back into the patient. 

Once the blood moves through the machine & when the syringe or glass bottle is full, the blood is then pushed/dripped back through the machine (2nd exposure) into the patient. The whole process takes between 10-40min depending on how much blood is exposed to the UV light.

There are several key factors in the choice of materials used for their treatment. Some clinics simply drain 250ml of blood into a plastic IV bag w/250ml of saline & Heparin, hang the bag up, inject Ozone gas into it and then as it’s being infused it runs through the UV light giving only a single exposure to the light. Plastic IV bags are made from a different type of plastic than syringes are. Ozone gas has the ability to breakdown plastics & when this happens in an IV bag those plastic particles then go into the patients. We only use glass for Ozone gas IV drips. As far as the syringes are concerned, Ozone dissolved in saline doesn’t breakdown this type of plastic for a lot longer and the blood doesn’t stay in the syringe long enough to become tainted with plastic. 

The Germans have been using Ozone Therapy since the mid 1900’s they have far more experience & that’s why I traveled to Europe to learn from the best, Dr Velio Bocci MD. Hemotologist & Respiratory Disease specialist at Sienna University, he was the best teacher I could’ve ever learned from. He would always caution Doctors on Ozone degrading plastics & subsequent poisoning of the patient. Here in the USA there are very well known Doctors who believe that the Ozone doesn’t degrade the IV bag and they teach that it’s ok to do the treatment this way…I believe the Europeans.

There are multiple benefits to UVB therapy. First is an anti inflammatory effect, the immune system decreases the production of Interleukins 17 & 23.  These are key inflammatory immune fractions that are high in several autoimmune diseases. Another benefit is that when the blood goes through the UV light it becomes sterile. Any viruses, bacteria, mold or fungus is destroyed or at least a significant quantity of them are. Then when they are pushed back into the body they are found by the immune cells and antibody production can begin helping to fight the infection on a systemic level. This is why our technique of double UV exposure is so important. 

Her are some pictures: 

To learn more about the therapies we offer visit our website https://goo.gl/VGDqai

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Hyperbaric Oxygen

Recently we added a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to our list of services. The experience is quite relaxing and the effects are nothing short of amazing. Research has shown that one 60min session 3 days in a row starts to heal the brain (neurogenesis). This is incredibly important if you have ever had a concussion, stroke, oxygen deprivation or serious Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). We have some research studies posted on our website https://goo.gl/VGDqai 

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New website

Hello Everyone,

I havent posted in quite a while but will begin do more posts soon.

Until then please check out my website at http://www.AHCTherapies.com we are beginning offering certifications in Ozone therapy, classes begin in 2015 along with classes on Live Blood Analysis (live cell morphology)

I will link this blog to the site soon as well.

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Metabolism Testing

We now offer Metabolic Testing so that you never have to wonder if you have a slow or fast metabolism. Call us to find out more.

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